----------- Mi A3 MIUI 21.1.13 Changelog -----------

⦿ System
Optimization - Minor layout changes while turning Silent/DND mode on from volume bar
Fix - SafetyNet test failed for unrooted devices
Fix - Google Setup Wizard was showing on first boot instead of MIUI's initial setup
Fix - Custom actions in contextual text selection popups were missing
Fix - Due to error mentioned above wireless charging was not working while this animation was turned on

⦿ Gallery
Fix - "Bokeh" app crashed when trying to edit a Dynamic shot/Motion photo or a Document photo [Some devices]

⦿ Super wallpapers
New - Two new wallpapers for Earth super wallpaper

⦿ Camera
New - Added few new gridlines (golden ratio)

Special thanks - @IlFlacco, @Amir_Soland, @trzpro, @oddlyspaced, @Nik001, All Testers & Xiaomi/xiaomi.eu Developers.